Steel Casing Tubes

Steel Casing Tubes are applied in Drilling of water wells,geothermal wells,short micro piles,medium mini-type frouting hole of building ,dam and harbour project....

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1.Outside Diameter:108~508  
2.Application:mining ,water well drilling, oil drilling,machinery etc.  
3.Technique:hot rolled  

Steel Casing Tubes Application Range 

Applied in overburden rock formations to prevent the hole from damage.

The rock formations usually contains some water, sand or not stable nor average formations.

It is widely used in anchoring and grouting. ODEX or Symmtric casing drilling are usually applied.

 Casing Tube-1

Brief structures,simple operation,reliable quality,stable performance,long service life


Operation Procedure 
1.When drilling starts,the reamer opens and enlarges the hole to drive the casing shoe and casing tube down, 
2.When the drilling in overburden formation is finished,reserve the rotation to close the reamer,then the assembly can be pulled up through the casing tube. 
3.The casing tube can be left in the hole,or can be pulled out by means of frout sealing material. 
4.Use the normal drilling tools to drill and achieve to the desired depth. 


Casing Tube-2

Casing Tube-3

Casing Tube-4


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