ODEX Casing System

​In the projects of drilling, drillers often meet with problems due to the loose land formation.These may cause troubles such as difficulty in drilling down, collapse of holes,damage of drilling tools. To solve the problems,the best way is to use Overburden Casing System which can prevent holes and drilling tools from damage,and support the holes by casing tubes....

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Design Principles:

Make the casing follow easy and the equipment and operation simple

ODEX Casing System Outstanding Advantages

Simple structure,simple operation,reliable quality,retrievable drilling tools,long service life.

Raw Material

Steel: First class special alloy steel with high strength, heat resistance and wearable

Carbide:The best tungsten carbides from China are commonly applied.

ODEX Casing System Application Range

It is suitable for drilling water wells , geothermal wells , short  mircopiles ,medium mini-type grouting hole of building , dam and harbour project .

ODEX Casing System Operation Procedure


Step One: When drilling starts , the reamer   swings out and reams the pilot-hole wide enough for the casing tube to slide   down behind the drill bit assembly


Step Two: When the required depth is reached , rotation is reversed carefully, whereupon the reamer swings in , allowing the drill bit assembly to be pulled   up through the casing.


Step Three: Casing tubes that are to be left in the drill hole should be sealed at the bottom of the hole by means of cement grout or some other sealing agent.


Step Four: Drilling continues to the desired depth in the bedrock using a conventional drilling.

ODEX Casing System

Model Outer Dia. of Casing Tube Inner Dia. of Casing Tube(mm) Wall thickness of casing Reamed Dia. Min. Inner Dia.of Casing Shoe Hammer Type Drill Pipes Weight
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
ODEX for DTH Drilling
ODEX90 115 102 6.5 125 92 COP32/COP34/DHD3.5/BR3/MACH303 76 12.5
ODEX115 140 128 6 157 117 COP44/DHD340/MACH44/MISSION40 76/89 22
ODEX140 168 157 5.5 182 142 COP54/DHD350/MACH50/MISSION50/SD5/QL50 89 38
ODEX165 194 183 5.5 206 166 COP62/COP64/DHD360/MISSION60 114 61.5
ODEX190 222 205 8.5 234 191 /SD6/XL6/QL60 114 83
ODEX240 273 260 6.5 305 241 114 136.5
ODEX280 323 297.6 12.7 338 281 SD10/NUMA100 114 184

ODEX Casing System Packing Picture


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