COP Shank DTH Button Bit for Mining

COP Shank DTH Button Bit for Mining

COP Shank DTH Button Bit is mainly used for Quarrying, Ore Mining, Coal Mining, soft, medium hard, and hard rock, blast hole drilling and water well drilling project....

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A rotation drill rig, air compressor and the “DTH drill string” are the essential unit for DTH drilling while the “DTH drill string” is always made up of DTH drill rods, DTH hammer and DTH bits. 

GMD could supply the COP series DTH Bit with cemented carbide buttons have very good wear-resistant. Buttons are strong in the mining process and could meet requirements of various rocks , and the service lifetime is very long.


Product Name: COP Shank DTH Button Bit

Shank Type: COP32, COP34, COP44, COP54, COP64,

Bit Diameter: 85mm-203mm

Bit Face Design: Flat Face, Convex Face, Concave Face, Drop Center, Double Gauge.


Details, kindly check below:



COP Shank DTH Button Bit Concave Face



Tips on Drilling

1. Clean hole

- Blow the hole frequently when drilling deep

- Soft or muddy ground can seep causing the steel to hang up

- Blow with every drill rod added below the hole, preventing a plugged steel


2. Drill dieseling

- Occurs with insufficient feed pressure

- Also happens with full throttle when withdrawing the bit

- Dieseling heats up the drill and burns off the lubricant

- Results could include a destroyed hammer

- Stop dieseling by reducing the drill throttle and increasing feed pressure


3. Changing bits

- Try to follow a larger bit with a smaller bit

- Try to use new bits with new steel

- Use lubricant on bits, as well as couplings and steel threads

- Remove bits with a bit wrench or “rattle” loose, no beating with a hammer

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COP Shank DTH Button Bit for Mining


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Q1: What’s your delivery time?

 A: Commonly product need 20 days to produce, within 3 days if in stock.

Q2: What about the Shipments?

 A: Bases on other quantity .We can send it to you by Express ,by Air ,by Sea ,and by Train.Or send the goods to your Chinese agent.

Q3: How to control the quality?

 A: We should be checking & testing everyone button bit before shipment.

Q4: Do you agree sample order ?

 A: Yes ,we are welcome your sample order to testing our quality.

Q5: Can we select the button bit color?

 A: Yes ,we have golden ,silvery ,black and blue for your choice.

Q6: Can we change to our mark on the button bit?

 A: Yes ,we can casting your company mark on the button bit.(Except sample order)

Q7: Do you have after-sale service and warranty service ?

 A: Any Quality or quantity problem once confirmed,we will be compensate you the same. Any question or problem we will be reply you within 24 hours.

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