DHD Cemented Carbide DTH Drill Bit

DHD Cemented Carbide DTH Drill Bit is Mainly used for Quarrying, Ore Mining, Coal Mining, soft, medium hard, and hard rock, blast hole drilling and water well drilling project, Marble quarry or well drilling and other construction projects....

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GMD could supply the DHD series DTH Bit with cemented carbide buttons have very good wear-resistant. Buttons are strong in the mining process and could meet requirements of various rocks , and the service lifetime is very long. 

Meanwhile, GMD could supply lots of grades DTH Bits, they can be chosen according to different applications. Both soft, medium-hard, and hard rocks, Our DTH Bit could have a good performance.


Product Name: DHD Cemented Carbide DTH Drill Bit

Shank Type: DHD 3.5, DHD340A, DHD350R, DHD360, DHD380,

Bit Diameter: 85mm-305mm

Bit Face: Flat Face, Convex Face, Concave Face, Drop Center, Double Gauge.


Details, kindly check below:

Bit Face and Carbide Button Shape



How to Select Right DTH Bits Face shape

Face Designs




The concave bit design is an excellent all around bit, suitable for soft and hard formations. The cone shaped face design provides good stability during drilling, allowing for straighter holes while reducing equipment vibration. The carbide configuration gives added penetration in many formations.




Suitable for most drilling applications, particularly hard, abrasive rock to give a combination of speed and good service life.


Flat Face


Used for general purpose drilling, the flat face design is considered effective in very broken ground as well as hard formations and softer formations that tend to over drill.



DTH Packing


Rock Bit Care


The total life or distance that a rock bit will drill depends on many factors. Of these,

rock bit reconditioning can be the major factor both in the cost and performance of

any rock bit, button or rooftop insert.


1. When the button wears at a more rapid rate than the body, especially in harder, more abrasive rock, the buttons should be reconditioned frequently.


2. Button bits should be reconditioned if the buttons polish or show signs of surface fracturing in non-abrasive rock. This will prevent the surface fractures from propagating which could result in fracturing the buttons.


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