Mission DTH Drill Bit

The “DTH” is the abbreviation of “Down The Hole” and sometimes it is also called “RAB” in some markets, and the “RAB” is short for “Rotary Air Blasting”.
Mission DTH Drill Bit is mainly used for Quarrying, Ore Mining, Coal Mining, soft, medium hard, and hard rock, blast hole drilling and water well drilling project....

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GMD could supply lots of grades Mission DTH Drill Bit , they can be chosen according to different applications. Both soft, medium-hard, and hard rocks, Our DTH Bit could have a good performance. 

Because of economy and powerful drilling capacity, down the hole hammer and bits become an advanced drilling tool for drilling and mining industries. Down the hole hammers and drill bits are designed together to work in perfect unison, giving high penetration rates, long service life and low costs.


1. Deliver maximum energy to drilling bit, fast drilling speed and low air consumption due to the special inner structure of HD series DTH hammer designed according to newest rock drilling theory.

2. Low problem rate and easy to maintenance due to simple , reliable and easy assemble and disassemble inner structure of hammer.

3. Easy to depart bit from hammer due to multi-head thread connecting chuck and cylinder of hammer.


Product: Mission DTH Drill Bit

Shank Type: M30, M40, M50, M60/65, M380,

Bit Diameter: 85mm-305mm

Bit Face: Flat Face, Convex Face, Concave Face, Drop Center, Double Gauge.


Details, kindly check below:

Face and Carbide Design


Mission DTH Button Bit

N-Mission DTH Bit-1

N-Mission DTH Bit-2

Rock Bit Care


The total life or distance that a rock bit will drill depends on many factors. Of these,

rock bit reconditioning can be the major factor both in the cost and performance of

any rock bit, button or rooftop insert.



Button bits should be reconditioned when the body wears away faster than the button wears, causing it to protrude excessively. This will prevent the button from pinching or shearing off. This frequently happens in softer abrasive ground.


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