MISSION Series DTH Drill Bit

​DTH Bits are Mainly used for Quarrying, Ore Mining, Coal Mining, soft, medium hard, and hard rock, blast hole drilling and water well drilling project, Marble quarry or well drilling and other construction projects. GMD could supply MISSION DTH Button Bit with cemented carbide buttons have very good wear-resistant. Buttons are strong in the mining process and could meet requirements of various rocks , and the service lifetime is very long....

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GMD could supply lots of grades DTH Bits, they can be chosen according to different applications. Both soft, medium-hard, and hard rocks, Our DTH Bit could have a good performance.


Product: MISSION DTH Button Bit

Shank Type: M30, M40, M50, M60/65, M380,

Bit Diameter: 85mm-305mm

Bit Face: Flat Face, Convex Face, Concave Face, Drop Center, Double Gauge.


Details, kindly check below:


Mission DTH Button Bit  
Shank TypeDiameter in mmAir Holes No.Gauge ButtonsFace ButtonsApprox. Weight
M 308526*13mm4*12mm4.3 KGS
9027*13mm5*12mm4.6 KGS
9527*13mm6*12mm4.9 KGS
10027*13mm6*12mm5.2 KGS
10528*12mm7*12mm5.8 KGS
M 4010527*14mm6*13mm9.3 KGS
11027*14mm6*13mm10.0 KGS
11528*14mm7*13mm10.5 KGS
12028*16mm7*13mm12.0 KGS
12728*16mm7*13mm13.0 KGS
M 5013528*16mm8*13mm15.5 KGS
14028*17mm7*14mm16.0 KGS
14628*18mm7*14mm16.5 KGS
15228*17mm8*14mm17.0 KGS
16528*18mm9*16mm18.0 KGS
M 60/6515228*17mm8*14mm26.0 KGS
16528*18mm9*16mm27.0 KGS
17128*18mm10*16mm29.0 KGS
19039*18mm11*16mm32.0 KGS
20339*18mm12*16mm37.0 KGS
M 380
29*18mm12*16mm37.0 KGS
216210*18mm17*18mm48.0 KGS
241210*18mm17*18mm63.0 KGS
254312*18mm19*18mm70.0 KGS
292312*18mm30*18mm85.5 KGS
305412*18mm30*18mm98.0 KGS
SD 410527*14mm6*13mm9.0 KGS
11027*14mm6*13mm9.5 KGS
11528*14mm7*13mm10 KGS
12028*16mm7*13mm11.5 KGS
12728*16mm7*13mm12.5 KGS
SD 513528*16mm8*13mm15.5 KGS
14028*17mm7*14mm16.0 KGS
14628*18mm7*14mm16.5 KGS
15228*17mm8*14mm17.0 KGS
16528*18mm9*16mm18.0 KGS
SD 615228*17mm8*14mm26.0 KGS
16528*18mm9*16mm27.0 KGS
17128*18mm10*16mm29.0 KGS
19039*18mm11*16mm32.0 KGS
20339*18mm12*16mm34.0 KGS
SD 820329*18mm12*16mm37.0 KGS
216210*18mm17*18mm48.0 KGS
241210*18mm17*18mm63.0 KGS
254312*18mm19*18mm70.0 KGS
292312*18mm30*18mm85.0 KGS
305412*18mm30*18mm98.0 KGS

Mission DTH Button Bit


Choosing the Right Drill Bit

The following shows the three face designs provided within the industry and describes their main attributes and possible drawbacks. Within each design there can be multiple options to suit your particular needs.


Face Designs




The concave bit design is an excellent all around bit, suitable for soft and hard formations. The cone shaped face design provides good stability during drilling, allowing for straighter holes while reducing equipment vibration. The carbide configuration gives added penetration in many formations.




Suitable for most drilling applications, particularly hard, abrasive rock to give a combination of speed and good service life.


Flat Face


Used for general purpose drilling, the flat face design is considered effective in very broken ground as well as hard formations and softer formations that tend to over drill.


Carbide Button Shape




Tough shape for hard abrasive rock and deep hole drilling. Can be used in all applications. Also known as Sperical.





Big chip producer. Ideal for less abrasive sedimentary deposits where speed is vital. Less suited to badly broken ground and hard rock.




A combination design to provide increased speed over the Dome design with greater wear characteristics than Ballistic. Less suited to broken ground. Also known as Semi-Ballistic.




Suitable for sedimentary and broken rock conditions. Also known as Spike.


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