NUMA Series DTH Button Bit

NUMA DTH Button Bit is widely used in Big Hole Drilling. We supply the NUMA DTH Bit diameter range from 254mm to 508mm....

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The “DTH” is the abbreviation of “Down The Hole” and sometimes it is also called “RAB” in some markets, and the “RAB” is short for “Rotary Air Blasting”. 

A rotation drill rig, air compressor and the “DTH drill string” are the essential unit for DTH drilling while the “DTH drill string” is always made up of DTH drill rods, DTH hammer and DTH bits. 

GMD could supply lots of grades NUMA DTH Button Bit, they can be chosen according to different applications. Both soft, medium-hard, and hard rocks, Our DTH Bit could have a good performance.


Shank Type: NUMA100, NUMA120, NUMA 125

Bit Diameter: 254mm-508mm

Bit Face: Flat Face, Convex Face, Concave Face, Drop Center, Double Gauge.

Details, kindly check below:



DTH Hammer Bits with NUMA shanks
Shank TypeDiameter in mmSpline NO.Gauge ButtonsFace Buttons
10" NUMA Shank DTH Bit2541012*18mm21*16mm
Shank TypeDiameter in mmSpline NO.Gauge ButtonsFace Buttons
12" NUMA Shank DTH Bit3051212*18mm36*16mm


Choosing the Right Drill Bit

The drill bit is at the business end of the drilling process and ensuring you choose the right drill bit for job is vital to complete the work at the lowest cost per meter possible. GMD can aid in this process by evaluating your drilling conditions, hole size, hole depth, equipment, and environmental conditions such as altitude, temperature and relative humidity. 

Where appropriate, GMD Engineers can specifically tailor a drill bit design to suit the particular conditions you encounter. Double gauge row carbides can be used in the case of hard rock drilling conditions to offer better penetration rates and gauge row protection. Three exhaust hole configurations can be used where excessive body wear is experienced and different heat treatment processes can be employed to best suit the ground conditions and wear patterns experienced.


Carbide Button Shape




Tough shape for hard abrasive rock and deep hole drilling. Can be used in all applications. Also known as Sperical.



Big chip producer. Ideal for less abrasive sedimentary deposits where speed is vital. Less suited to badly broken ground and hard rock.




A combination design to provide increased speed over the Dome design with greater wear characteristics than Ballistic. Less suited to broken ground. Also known as Semi-Ballistic.





Suitable for sedimentary and broken rock conditions. Also known as Spike.


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