Grinding Stone Wheel

Our Tool Grinding Stone Wheels are of reasonable and homogeneous structure, strong cutting performance, and don’t burn work pieces. They are mainly used for sharpening milling cutter, reamers, expanding drills, broaches, paper cutting knife, tobacco cutter, plate-shaped lathe tool, slotting cutter, drill, hobbing cut ter, sawtooth....

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There are two popular Grinding Stone Wheel, 

B125*63*32 Grinding Stone

B200*25*32 Grinding stone 

This kind of grinding Stone Wheel is widely used for grinding the chisel bits and integral drill rod. Through grinding, you can prolong the life span of your drill bit or rods, to reduce your drilling cost.

Grinding Stone
Code No.Dimension(mm)Particle sizeSpeedMaterialHardnessWeight(kg)

GW-125-65-32125*65*31.75GC 46K30 m/s

GW-150-65-32150*65*31.75GC 46K30 m/s

GW-200-25-32200*65*31.75GC 46K35 m/s

GW-350-30-40300*50*75A60L35 m/s
Medium soft

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Grinding Wheels For Chisel Bits And Integral Drill Rods Sharpening

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