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Advantages of DTH Hammer in Water Well Construction
Oct 15, 2018

Advantages of DTH Hammer in Water Well Construction


  1. High drilling efficiency, long life of drilling tools, drilling and drilling of DTH Hammer, medium is air, no recovery and treatment of flushing media, reducing auxiliary time.

  2. The use cost is low. The downhole impactor requires small axial pressure, low rotation speed, low torque, low natural power consumption, relatively small diameter of the drill pipe, easy installation and disassembly, and long service life.

  3, DTH impactor drilling, the hole wall is relatively complete, there is no pollution of other media, basically can be guaranteed

With the original stratum structure and water permeability, the well washing time is reduced and the cost is saved.

DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve

  4. In the case of severely lost stratum and unstable wall of the hole wall, the downhole impactor can be used to drill with the pipe to completely solve the problem of repeated operation.

  5. Because the DTH Hammer uses wind as the power source, the construction in the cold winter greatly reduces the amount of cold work in the previous winter construction.


 Because of the many advantages of the DTH Hammer and the drill bit in the construction of the well, in recent years, it has developed rapidly in the domestic hydrology and well construction, but how to use the DTH Hammer and the drill bit reasonably, reduce the use cost and improve the drilling. Speed, it is very important to improve the life of the drill.

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