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Application of threaded ball bit
Jan 28, 2019

The tooth series has a long cycle of passivation, and its non-wear life is about 5-6 times of the grinding life of the same diameter blade head. It is beneficial to save auxiliary working hours, reduce manual labor and speed up engineering. Therefore, different diameters of threaded ball teeth are widely used in all kinds of hard and brittle rocks to match rock drilling. Swedish engineering and technical personnel believe that the combination of the ball-toothed bit and the hydraulic rock drilling rig is an excellent match for modern rock drilling technology.

In the past 20 years, the domestic and foreign ball tooth series have developed rapidly. It is accompanied by the goal of increasing the industrial drilling rate with the rapid perforation of the hydraulic rock drill.

 The cylindrical tooth drills produced by our company are designed according to ISO international standards. Designed with a symmetrical structure. It has good powder discharging effect and strong crushing ability, and the rock drilling speed is fast.

  The taper connecting column tooth bit is mainly a kind of bit used in combination with the pneumatic rock drill and the taper rod. The taper is connected with the drill rod to perform the hole punching operation, and is mainly applied to the secondary crushing of the mine, the support of the bolt, and the roadway. Excavation and other fields.

  Threaded coupling studs are mainly used with hydraulic rock drills (or pneumatic rock drills) and hydraulic drill rods (air drill rods). The drills are drilled by different types of threads and the drill rods. ¢32-¢203mm, mainly used in the mining of underground mines, mining in open pit mines, easy to grind.

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