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Assembly of Chuck Group of Drill Grinder
Jun 28, 2018

1. First determine the drill material, and choose the appropriate grinding wheel to use. ※CBN Grinding Wheel suitable for HSS (high speed steel) material, the SD grinding wheel is suitable for tungsten steel quality.

2. Adjust the adjustment table to zero: clockwise rotation to the end, counterclockwise to the position of "0". 3.A) Choose the suitable tube clamp into the chuck seat.

(Insert the clamp into the head seat with 45°)

B put in order: the tube clamp and the clamping head and the fixed Chuck nut link, and then the bit from the head seat into the direction of the bit up to about 5mm.

※ The bit should be kept in a little adjustment space.

4.A) will adjust the table to the left scale, to the grinding bit outside the diameter size.

B The chuck is fixed with a group, placed on the left to adjust the platform and fully connected, to the right clockwise direction

Rotation positioning.

C) After the drill tip is inserted at the bottom, rotate the position in clockwise direction to the right.

D The chuck is fixed with a group, rotates clockwise to the right after the end part and locks tightly.

(E) rotate the head slightly to the left when the clip is fixed with a group and then take out.

The screws below are center stationary.

The adjustment method is as follows Open the wheel shell, loosen the center of the static point of fixed screws, adjust the calm point screws, clockwise rotation center of the static point to become larger, counterclockwise rotation is smaller.

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