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Development trend of DTH Hammer
Aug 03, 2018

Development trend of DTH Hammer

With the continuous advancement of technology, pneumatic DTH Hammer and pneumatic impact rotary drilling technology will have a broader development space. In recent years, the development trend of the structure and drilling process of pneumatic down-the-hole impactor at home and abroad is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. There is a valve type development to no valve type. The valveless pneumatic down-the-hole impactor reduces airflow resistance and significantly reduces air consumption.

2. The effective length is shorter, the structure is simpler, and the life is longer.

3. The single impact power is developed from small to large.

4. The drilling depth is developed from shallow to deep, and the diameter of the drilling is developed from small to large.

5. A plurality of single-unit pneumatic down-hole impactors are combined into a cluster type pneumatic down-hole impactor for large-diameter drilling.

6. Combined with a variety of drilling processes, including the combination with casing drilling technology to solve the problem of retaining walls in loose and fractured formations; combined with two-way impact to solve the problem of drilling tools in loose and fractured formations; combined with blasting To solve the problem of drilling large diameter boulders and boulder formations.

7, the application field is more extensive. From small-caliber geological exploration hole construction to engineering hole construction under complex conditions, and large-diameter foundation rock pile hole construction, oil drilling, geothermal drilling, and scientific drilling.

8. The drilling orientation is extended from the main vertical hole to the horizontal and orientation controllable aspects.

9. Develop a through-type pneumatic DTH Hammer. In order to perform the sampling of the reverse circulation center (or take the core), a hollow (through) down-the-hole hammer must be used. The continuous type core drilling technology of the through-drilling hammer reverse circulation is a drilling technology that integrates the three techniques of integrated drilling, impactor crushing, reverse circulation of drilling medium and continuous core taking in drilling.

10. Using a computer simulation to study the down-the-hole impactor. The simulation computer system reveals the dynamic process of the DTH impactor, and finds out the influence factors of the main parameters such as the gas distribution parameters and structural parameters on the working performance of the DTH impactor, and replaces the experimental method, the empirical method and the analogy method of the transmission to realize the DTH impactor. Quantitative scientific design.

11. Develop in a more reasonable direction in material selection.

12. The development of new drill bits suitable for various formations and drilling processes and the application of new materials on the cutting teeth of the drill bit to further improve the efficiency of the impact rotary drill bit and prolong its service life.

13. Specialization and serialization of main equipment and auxiliary equipment that are compatible with the drilling process of pneumatic down-the-hole impactor.


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