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DTH Rock Drilling Tool
Aug 30, 2018

DTH Rock Drilling Tool

      Different from the top hammer type impact rock drilling tool, the downhole type impact rock drilling tool is a medium and large diameter drilling and blasting construction rock drilling machine that uses compressed air as the power source to drive the power part into the rock cavity. Machinery is currently widely used in rock drilling projects at home and abroad.

     DTH Rock Drilling Tool usually consists of a drill bit, an impactor and a drill pipe. It is equipped on a drill (drill) and is equipped with an air compressor to form a rock drilling unit. According to the different compressed air pressure used by the downhole impact rock drilling tool, it is usually divided into low pressure DTH drilling tool (pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa), medium and high pressure DTH drilling tool (pressure 1.0-2.0Mpa), high pressure. DTH drilling tools (pressure is greater than 2.5Mpa) three types.

      Due to the different driving pressures, the drilling efficiency of the down-the-hole drilling tools is also different, and the performance requirements of the products are also different. Therefore, the prices of the low-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools and the medium-high-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools are also quite different. DTH bit parameters commonly used in domestic rock drilling projects

DTH Hammer.png

Common impactor parameters

      At present, the diameter of the low-pressure down-the-hole drill bit ranges from 68mm to 200mm, and the diameter of the low-pressure down-the-hole drill is larger than that of the 90mm-130mm diameter. The supporting low-pressure down-hole impactor is mainly made up of the three types of type 90, 100 and 150. The market price of low-pressure down-hole impact drills is relatively low. It is one of the domestic small-scale construction projects, and the construction team with poor individual stone quarrying and rock drilling machinery has selected more products. Due to the increasing market demand in recent years, Companies engaged in the production of low-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools are also increasing. At present, the number of low-pressure DTH drills produced by domestic brazing enterprises has exceeded market demand, and competition has intensified, which has led many companies to adopt low-cost inputs and meager sales to produce such products.

       At present, medium and high pressure DTH drilling tools are used in open pit and underground mines, quarries, hydropower projects, water well drilling, mineral exploration, rock mass anchor hole drilling, geothermal excavation, subway excavation side piles A medium and large-aperture rock drilling tool product widely used in construction sites. The medium and high pressure submerged hole rock drilling tools have a series of characteristics such as high drilling rate, high straightness of the blasthole, smooth hole wall, good rigidity of the drill pipe and the impactor, and are generally paid attention to by the rock drilling construction unit. At present, drilling sites with 110-178mm blastholes are drilled in domestic rock drilling projects. High-pressure submerged hole drilling tools are a very large-scale rock drilling tool.

       High-pressure DTH drilling tools are very strict in terms of materials, machining, heat treatment processes, and overall product compatibility. At present, domestic high-pressure DTH drilling tools are in the stage of product performance and product quality development. With the continuous improvement of technical performance indicators and product quality stability of domestic high-pressure DTH drilling tools, high-pressure DTH drilling tools will be Domestic and foreign markets have greater market expansion opportunities.

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