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Four Types Pneumatic Rock Drills
Jul 21, 2018

Today, for you to analyze the classification of Air/Pneumatic Rock Drills, it is classified according to the support method.

(1) Hand-held rock drills These types of rock drills are light in weight, generally under 25kg, and are operated by hand during work. A variety of small diameter and shallow blastholes can be used. Generally only the downward hole and the near horizontal hole are used. Because it is operated by manpower, it has high labor intensity, small impact energy and torque, and low rock drilling speed. It is rarely used in underground mines. Rock drills of this type are available in models such as Y3 and Y26.

Hand Held.jpg

(2) Air-leg rock drill This type of rock drill is installed on the air leg for operation. The air leg can support and propel, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The rock drilling efficiency is higher than the former, and the drilling depth can be 2 - 5m, diameter 34- 42mm level or blasthole with a certain angle of inclination, widely used in mines. Models such as YT23 (7655), YT24, YT28, and YTP26 are all such rock drills.

Air-Leg Rock Drill-Whole Set--.jpg

(3) Telescopic up-and-down rock drill The air leg of the rock drill is on the same longitudinal axis as the main machine, and is connected into one body. Therefore, it has the name of “retractable rock drill” and is dedicated to playing 60 degree and  90 degree. The upward blasthole is mainly used for rock drilling in the stope and patio. The general weight is about 40kg, the drilling depth is 2-5m, and the hole diameter is 36-48mm. The YSP45 rock drill belongs to this category.

(4) Rail type rock drill This type of rock drill machine has a large weight (generally 35) 100kg), and is generally installed on the guide rail of a rock drilling rig or column frame, so it is called a rail type. It can be used for horizontal and all direction of the blasthole, the hole diameter is 40) 80mm, the hole depth is generally 5) 10m or more, the deepest can reach 20m. YG40, YG80, YGZ70, YGZ90 and other models belong to this category.

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