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High-Pressure DTH Hammer
Aug 04, 2018

DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve.jpg

1. The high-pressure DTH Hammer adopts the latest modern rock drilling theory to design the internal structure size of the impactor, so that the impactor can obtain the best energy transfer, and the rock drilling speed is faster and the air consumption is lower.

2. Using the best quality raw materials and the most advanced processing technology, the performance is more stable and the life is longer.

3. The high pressure DTH Hammer  has the simplest and most reliable internal structure with easy assembly and disassembly, less failure and easy maintenance. High-pressure DTH Hammers are widely used in mining, quarrying, road construction and other engineering drilling blastholes, landslide protection, dam site reinforcement, anchoring and other engineering holes, hydrology wells and other fields.

4. The use of open-drilled diameter (80-185mm) mining blastholes to achieve record-breaking void speeds, medium and high-pressure down-the-hole impactors can convert high winds into unprecedented high perforation speeds. It can work under wind pressure of 0.56-2.46Mpa.

5. Improve the life of components, the design principle of high-pressure down-hole impactor is; strive to extend the service life and reduce the maintenance workload. For example, the hardened outer casing of the hardened outer casing can be used for head turning, thus extending the replacement period.

6. The high pressure DTH Hammer has the longest available time. Due to the small number of components used, the structure is simple, and the wear-resistant parts are used, the working time of the impactor can be prolonged.

7. The cost per hole is reduced to a minimum, and the increase in the perforation speed increases the footage of the unit fuel. Due to the simple structure and long service life of the components, maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.

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