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How to Choose Right Hydraulic Rock Splitter?
Sep 11, 2018

How to Choose Right Hydraulic Rock Splitter?

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The quality of the splitting machine are determined by two main factors: the splitting force and the weight of the splitter. Now on the market splitter fish and dragon mixed beads, some manufacturers produce only 300 tons of splitting power, but also exaggerated 500 T or 600 T, to deceive customers, I will give you a detailed introduction in this first, how to distinguish the size of splitter splitting power. To understand the splitting force of the splitter, we must first understand the working principle of the splitter. The splitter is composed of two parts: the pump station and the splitter. For these reasons, the size of the splitting force should be determined by the cylinder, the larger the cylinder, the greater the splitting force, of course, this cylinder refers to the internal diameter of the splitter cylinder, that is, the size of the piston, not the outer diameter of the cylinder.


Our company now produces 5 series of cylinder bore diameters of 70, 80, 90, 100, and 110mm. The 70, 80, 90 mm cylinder diameter series are made of steel, but also of aviation aluminum. The 100, 110 mm cylinder diameter series are made of aviation aluminum. Why is it made of aviation aluminum? This is one of the problems to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the splitter. Here I will introduce the weight of the splitter. In the face of different manufacturers split gun weight problems, many customers are often in a dilemma when choosing between the right and the wrong.

In the average person's impression, good things tend to be heavier, and poor quality products tend to be much lighter. Is this experience appropriate for splitting machines? Before answering this question, we need to find out what is good in weight, what is good in light, why we should do so heavy, why we should do so light and so on.


When the split gun is working, the ultra-high pressure hydraulic oil pushes the piston rod of the cylinder forward, the piston rod pushes the middle wedge forward, and then cracks the split object. So we know clearly that the weight of the split gun has no direct effect here, the key is whether the cylinder can withstand the high pressure of the hydraulic station, all the components can. The strength required to withstand working hours is a good product, under this premise, light products are more convenient to operate and transport. At that time, the poor products became bulky, and the good products became lighter. The reason is that in order to achieve the same strength, ordinary materials because of low strength, must be done very thick to meet the requirements, and the selection of aviation aluminum materials with special processing technology, you can make the product very light.


We take the same specifications of products (pressure 60 MPa cylinder diameter 90 mm stroke 225 mm) for comparison, the general manufacturer of the split gun each weight is about 80 kg, Xiamen Good Mining and Drilling Equipment CO., LTD production of products only about 60 kg, aviation aluminum only about 45 kg, (pressure 60 MPa cylinder diameter 80 mm line) Cheng 195mm) As a comparison, the split gun made by the general manufacturer weighs about 60 Jin each, the products produced by GMD are only about 40 jin, and the products made by aviation aluminum are only about 35 jin. This weight greatly reduces the intensity of their labor, the intensity of their labor and the natural work of the workers. Efficiency has also been greatly improved. The rated working pressure of GMD products is 60Mpa, but the maximum test pressure before leaving factory is 80Mpa. This pressure is something that similar products at home and abroad can not think of. Other companies produce products that weigh 50 percent more than GMD, but are less than a third lighter.

Through the above two points, you should know how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the splitter, our company is now 90-cylinder split gun as the main selling products, other companies may say that their company can also produce 90-cylinder gun, but please note that, 1, they have 80-diameter split gun to deceive customers, instead of 90-diameter split gun. Splitting gun (customers should go to the manufacturer when choosing, personally measure the size, must measure the inside diameter or piston rod diameter, not just compare the surface who is big who is small). 2. Even if some companies can produce 90-diameter split guns, they are all more than 40 kilograms (our company produced 80-diameter split guns 23 kilograms, 90-diameter split guns 32 kilograms). They will convince customers that the 90 gun is too bulky to use and recommend an 80-bore split gun. 80 the split rifle of inner diameter is only suitable for two decomposition of rock. Please be careful.

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