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How to Maintain DTH Drilling Tools?
Sep 28, 2018

How to Maintain DTH Drilling Tools

1, The Maintenance of DTH Hammer

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Under normal rock drilling conditions, DTH Hammer should be cleaned and reassembled. Generally, it should be taken every 200 hours, and every 100 hours when drilling holes or mud slag.

Disassembly of the impactor: Generally, it is carried out on the special disassembly workbench of the impactor. If there is no corresponding workbench, the protection of the impactor itself must be paid attention to.

DTH Hammer and the drill bit are installed at the front end of the drill pipe, and the energy of the high-pressure gas is used to generate a continuous impact load to achieve impact crushing operation on the rock, so that the wear is faster. Reasonable and timely maintenance and maintenance can extend the service life of impactors and drills and reduce operating costs.

 In most cases, performance degradation due to wear of the outer casing or internal parts requires inspection of the wear of the various components. If some functions of DTH Hammer cannot be achieved, detailed inspections are required to find the cause.


When the performance of DTH Hammer is degraded or there is a failure, DTH Hammer can be disassembled and the internal parts used can be checked.

If the part is not worn out, measure the clearance between the part: the gap between the drill bit and the drill guide sleeve, the clearance between the piston and the outer sleeve, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder, the piston tail hole and the valve rod Clearance. Refer to the gap recommendations provided in the impactor manual to determine which part of the wear is more severe and perform part repairs. If the part is damaged or severely worn, replace the part.

    2. Maintenance of DTH Bit

    The sharper the alloy teeth on the drill bit, the faster the drilling speed and the higher the work efficiency. At the same time, the sharp alloy teeth are subjected to less pressure than the blunt alloy teeth, and the lower the pressure, the longer the life of the alloy teeth.

    When the alloy teeth are not sharp enough, sharpening is required. In most cases, the alloy teeth wear faster than the bit body, and the bit body can be ground with a grinding tool to expose the alloy teeth and then the alloy teeth are sharpened.

    3. Lubrication for DTH Hammer

    Lubricating oil is injected into the high-pressure gas through the oiler, and the gas is used as a carrier to enter the inside of the impactor, thereby lubricating the internal parts. The amount of lubricant can be adjusted by adjusting the valve opening of the oiler. The amount of lubricating oil should be moderate, the amount of use should be large, and waste will be generated; the amount used is small, and the lubricating effect is not good. During the unloading process of the drilling rig, observe the adhesion of the lubricating oil on the inner wall of the drill pipe, and it is wet but not dripping.

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