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How to Select Drill Pipe?
Sep 12, 2018

How to select the drill pipe?


The pneumatic drill pipe is one of the important mining equipment in the mine. There are many pneumatic drill pipe manufacturers on the market at present, and the variety of products is quite rich. But many customers are confused when choosing, sometimes even can not distinguish clearly, as a commonly used equipment, its quality is very important. So how to choose? What problems should we pay attention to?

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Here I remind you that when we purchase, we must first choose according to our needs. As mining equipment, the types of pneumatic drill pipe are various. How to choose and buy the drill pipe depends on their own needs, functional requirements, and then determine the corresponding model. It is not necessary to increase the cost of enterprise expenditure for performance. So before buying, you must ask yourself clearly what products you need.

At the same time, we need to see the material and interface of the drill pipe. The pneumatic drill pipe is mainly used with other drills. There are a lot of requirements in the interface mode. It should have good compatibility, matching and maintenance. In addition, the material is very critical, according to the equipment used in the occasion, geological conditions to choose the material, the quality of the material directly affects the service life of the drill, so we should be careful to distinguish.

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High quality drill pipes should have the following characteristics:

1, excellent wear resistance can adapt to all kinds of high-intensity excavation environment. To have a strong wear resistance, long-term resistance to impact, wear, with a long life cycle and life.

2. Efficiency is better than that of pneumatic drill pipe, which has enough performance to meet the needs of engineering and excavation with high strength, high efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, economical and practical characteristics.


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