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Hydraulic Rock Spiltter
Sep 14, 2018

Hydraulic Rock Spiltter - The Best Way to Stone Mining

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Stone mines are the foundation of the development of the entire stone industry. It is always a matter of great concern to choose which of the most economical methods to reduce boreholes, produce crack-free, smooth and smooth stone blocks with ideal specifications.

Stone is a non-renewable resource. In developed countries, in order to improve the yield, most of them use advanced mechanized step mining, such as diamond wire saw for marble, flame cutting for granite, etc., although there is a certain degree in the rate of finished products. The improvement, but because of its high cost of mining, only a few large enterprises in China have been applied, and most SMEs still do not promote. The most common mining method today is: the static blasting method of the expansion agent decomposes the stone. Although this method improves the materialization rate than the previous black powder blasting method, the disadvantage is that the time is too long, the drilling is too dense, the amount is large, and the corresponding cost is high. Therefore, it does not help to improve the overall output and benefits of stone mining. Through years of research on stone mining equipment, and drawing on the characteristics of domestic and foreign mining methods, and using the combination of today's advanced equipment, the author has created a new method that can be widely used by all major, medium and small enterprises in China. . The groove splitting method adopts full mechanized mining of stone, which replaces the original mining method of the original blasting method, so that the stone industry will truly move towards the era of mechanized mining, and has made certain contributions to the development of China's stone.

The groove splitting method is composed of a convenient grooving tool and a static hydraulic splitting machine.

First, let's take a look at this new product:

Rock Splitter.jpg

Hydraulic splitter

It consists of two parts, a splitter and a power station (Figure 1). The high-pressure oil outputted by the power station drives the huge thrust generated by the cylinder, and after mechanical amplification, the split object is split in a predetermined direction.


Principle: It is the use of rock with high compressive strength and low tensile strength. The artificial oblique principle is used to achieve the effect of splitting rock by using hydraulic high pressure oil as energy source.


(1) Safe and environmentally friendly. The hydraulic splitter is controllable in static hydraulic environment. It has fast splitting and adjustable oil pressure. Its power is only 1.5 kW, and the splitting force of single machine can reach 400-500T. One machine can carry multiple guns (Figure 2). When working, there will be no vibration, shock, noise, dust, flying debris, etc., and the surrounding environment will not be affected. Even in densely populated areas or indoors, as well as precision equipment, it can work without interference.

(2) Economy and use. The hydraulic splitter can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and it can work continuously and without interruption. It has high efficiency; its operation and maintenance cost is very low, no isolation, time-consuming and expensive safety measures are required, and the service life is long; ingenious and durable The structural design ensures that the method of use is simple and easy to learn, and only requires single operation; the splitter and the power station have the characteristics of small size and light weight, and the handling is also very convenient.

(3) Precise and flexible. The hydraulic splitter can accurately determine the split direction, the split shape and the size of the part to be taken out in advance, and the splitting and dismantling precision is high.

After the groove is grooved, the marble is used to split the marble.

The groove splitting method is to combine the two products of the superior to extract the stone: after drilling the hole in the rock, use the grooved machine to engrave the groove; its function is:

(1) predetermining its direction of division;

(2) reduce the amount of drilling;

(3) Ideal specification method.

After the groove is engraved, it is separated and formed by a hydraulic splitter. Its function is:

(1) The speed of splitting is fast;

(2) Safe and controllable;

(3) No cracks, no internal injuries.

These two kinds of equipment use mechanized mining stone, which replaces the original mining method of blasting in the past. The finished product rate is greatly improved, and the cost is low, economic, safe and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for the needs of major and small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the best way to mine.


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