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Hydraulic Rock Splitters are Used in Gold Mining
Sep 19, 2018

Hydraulic Rock Splitters are Used in Gold Mining


Roadway mining is a model of gold mining. If blasting is prohibited, production is greatly limited. What kind of plan should be taken to achieve production without being able to blast, which is the problem faced by every gold mine boss.

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Nowadays, under the condition that it can't be blasted, the application of mechanization has entered a big era, but there are many kinds of construction machinery for roadway mining, and which mechanical solution can meet the requirements of gold layer. At present, there are artificial brazing, wind blasting, electric smashing and so on. These traditional models are far from satisfying production. In the exploration, GMD found that hydraulic splitting machine can bring benefits to roadway mining and mining. After repeated trials and demonstrations, Juqiang hydraulic splitting machine can improve the production of gold layer and solve the problem of improving the production of roadway in the case of not being able to blast. Let's take a look at the GMD Hydraulic Rock Splitter roadway process.



1. Roadway mining is faced with a solid section with no volley. In the use of the giant hydraulic splitting machine, there must be a volley surface, so the first to make the volley surface, the method of manufacturing the volley surface has the drilling inclined hole and the core drilling machine.

2. After the volley surface comes out, drill the side of the volley surface, and then insert the splitting machine into the hole. The large layer of the gold layer can be opened in about 5-12 seconds. The output of the gold layer depends on the drilling speed. And slag speed.

3. Configuration: air compressor, air gun, slag cleaning equipment, hydraulic cleavage machine.

4. The diameter of the hole is 42mm, and the depth depends on the size of the section to carry out the splitting machine configuration, considering the pneumatic and explosion-proof type.

5. The splitting machine is suitable for the hardness of the gold layer as the better, it is best to test the Mohs hardness of the gold layer. The splitting machine is suitable for the gold layer of rock formations above 3 degrees Mohs.

6. The spacing and spacing of the cloth holes are initially set to 50 cm.

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