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Non-firework Construction Method of Splitting Machine
Sep 20, 2018

Non-firework construction method of splitting machine in shaft excavation


  1. Working environment: shaft excavation, tunnel excavation, shaft construction

2. Construction case; the excavation project of a construction site in Guangzhou, the diameter of the wellhead is about 2 meters, and the excavation depth is about 35m. In the construction of the project, the rock needs to be broken.

3. Construction conditions: Explosives are forbidden. Due to the size of the diameter, large equipment cannot be constructed, and hydraulic cracking machin operation or expansion agent cracking can be used.

4. Construction process:

Equipment: one water grinding drill, one hydraulic spray splitting machine, one auxiliary tool iron shovel and a crowbar.

Drilling large holes: the water mill drills holes around the bottom of the well, with a hole diameter of 20cm and a depth of 60cm; - the core is cut out to create a rocky surface;

Punch: Perforated around the borehole drilled with a water gun, the hole diameter is 42mm, and the bottom of the hole with a diameter of 2 meters hits 5~6 split holes.

Splitting: The water mill drills the borehole to create a hollow surface. The surrounding hole drilled around the core drill, splitting the rock with a splitting machine, the splitting of each hole takes only ten seconds, and the crack is completed. A few minutes.

Dismantling: After the splitting is completed, the rock is removed and removed with a crowbar in time.


5. Benefit comparison: The engineering manufacturer used cement expansion agent, but due to serious drowning, the expansion agent is difficult to exert the effect of expansion and splitting. The construction cost is high, the effect is not obvious, and the construction period is seriously affected. Second, the cement expansion agent cracking project has a long expansion time, low efficiency, and low safety factor, which is easy to cause a safety accident and cause casualties. In the construction of the shaft excavation project, after the construction method of the water-grinding drill and the hydraulic splitting machine is used, the rock is quickly dismantled and removed, and the demolition rock can be removed by a depth of 2.4 m every day, and the excavation speed is increased by nearly ten times; The wind is broken, it takes 4 hours for each layer of rock to be broken, and it can be completed in just a few minutes after using the splitting machine.

The hydraulic splitting machine is the best choice for shaft excavation construction. The rock concrete splitting machine also provides the highest working efficiency for the project, saving cost and being convenient and quick.

Hydraulic Rock splitting machine introduction:

Hydraulic Rock Splitter.jpg

 Hydraulic splitting machines replace blasting and conventional crushing methods. It does not generate pressure waves and vibration, noise and dust when crushing rocks and concrete. It also has great technical advantages in the field of quarry mining.

Working principle: The compressive strength of rock and concrete is very high, compared to its relatively low tensile strength. The splitting machine is made by this principle, which effectively utilizes the wedge principle.

Working method: first drill a hole of specific diameter and depth, insert the part of the splitting block of the splitting machine into the hole, and move the middle wedge forward under the action of hydraulic pressure and open the two reverse wedges. With a maximum tension of 600 tons, the rock and concrete structures are destroyed from the inside, and cracks are generated within a few seconds. The thinner steel bars in the reinforced concrete are broken. Features: Non-blasting technology, clean, quiet operation, no environmental disturbance, vibration, impact, flying stone, dust, gun sound, is an economic, safe and environmentally friendly operation. The giant strong splitting machine is compact and light in weight. The splitting machine weighs 17~32kg, and the hydraulic power system weighs 37~230kg (electric, pneumatic, gasoline engine, diesel engine). It is easy to operate, convenient to transport, and can be used with a variety of power sources. Controllable gravel direction, high precision of splitting, can work in indoor narrow spaces, buildings and machinery, as well as underwater construction.

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