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Operation Rules of rock drilling machine
Jun 28, 2018

1, drilling before the inspection of the components (including rock drilling machine, support or rock drilling trolley) integrity and rotation, add the necessary lubricants, check the wind road, whether the waterway is unblocked, the connection is solid.

2, near the face of knocking to help ask the top, that is, check the face near the roof and the two have no live stone, pine stone, and make the necessary treatment.

3, the face of the formation of the borehole location, to be pounded prior to rock, to prevent slippage or perforation shift. 4, is strictly prohibited to hit dry eyes, to adhere to wet rock drilling, the operation of the first boiling water, after the wind, stop drilling first off the wind, and then close the water.

When you open your eyes, run at a low speed before drilling at a certain depth.

5, drill the eye when the brazing staff are not allowed to wear gloves.

6, the use of gas-leg drilling, to pay attention to standing posture and position, must not rely on the body pressure, but also can not stand in front of the rock drill rod, to prevent broken by the brazing.

7, rock drilling found abnormal sound, the discharge of powder water is not normal, should stop check, find out the reason and eliminate, can continue drilling.

8, Exit rock drilling machine or change the drill rod, rock drilling machine can run slowly, pay attention to the rock drill Gangqian position, avoid the drill rod automatic shedding wounding, and timely closure of the gas road.

9, the use of gas-legged rock drill drilling, to the top of the solid, to prevent the top skid hurt people. 10, the use of upward-type rock drills to shrink the stent, you must hold the rod, to prevent the rod automatically fall hurt people.

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