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Performance characteristics of the three-toothed wheel drill
Feb 01, 2019

Performance characteristics of the three-toothed wheel drill:

1. Adopting floating bearing structure, the floating component is made of new material with high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, and the surface is treated by solid lubricant. While reducing the relative linear velocity of the bearing pair, the friction surface temperature rise is reduced, and the bearing life and bearing reliability under high drilling pressure or high speed drilling process conditions can be effectively improved.

2. Adopt high precision metal seal. The metal seal consists of a carefully designed metal seal ring as the axial seal of the bearing. The two highly elastic rubber supply rings are located in the palm and cone seal area as static seals. The optimized seal compression ensures two The metal ring sealing surfaces are always in good contact.

3, the steel ball locks the cone, adapt to high speed.

4. It adopts a full rubber oil storage bladder that can limit the pressure difference and prevent the drilling fluid from entering the lubrication system, which provides a good lubrication guarantee for the bearing system.

5, using a new grease that can withstand high temperatures of 250 ° C, anti-wear.

6. The insert bit adopts high-strength and high-toughness cemented carbide teeth, and optimizes the design of the number of teeth, the number of teeth, the height of the tooth and the shape of the alloy tooth, which fully exerts the high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit. The new wear-resistant material is applied to the tooth surface of the steel tooth bit, which improves the life of the bit cutting teeth while maintaining the high mechanical drilling speed of the steel tooth bit.

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