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Precautions for the use of inserts
Jan 31, 2019
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The inlaid tri-cone bit is mainly used in oil drilling. This product can improve the efficiency of oil drilling and save the cost of drilling to a large extent. The inlaid tri-cone bit is an important mining tool in the oil drilling industry. It is mainly used in a wide-scale environment. The product has a strong horsepower supply and high rotation rate. It can mine rock and improve oil well exploitation. effectiveness. In the application of the tri-cone bit industry, it mainly focuses on many oil drilling industry and underground drilling technology. In the practice of China's technology market, the drilling of the three-cone technology in the Chaohu area is representative of the processing. The drilling three-cone technology in the Chaohu area combines alloy technology and construction technology. The drilling wheel has perfect drilling capability and continuous rotation technology. The drill bit technology of the tricone has brought more practice to people's industrial applications and continuously promotes the application of the drilling industry.

Precautions for the use of inserts

1. Before the drill bit goes down the well, first check the drill bit size, whether the model meets the requirements for use, whether the nozzle is installed and the size is correct.

2. Check the bottom of the well, clean and free of debris.

3. The bottom of the well is not clean, there are falling objects, the wellbore is shrinking or the underground is complicated.

4. After the drill bit is buckled, the well can be lowered. When the resistance is encountered, the pump should be turned on to circulate the mud, and the near-hole bottom should be slowed down to prevent the drill.

5. After the drill bit is in contact with the bottom of the well, it should be lightly pressed for 30 minutes (drilling pressure 5~15KN, speed 60r/min), run the drill bit, hit the new well bottom, and then gradually increase to the normal drilling pressure.

6. Balance the operation during the drilling process and send the drill evenly.

7. The speed of the drill bit should be strictly controlled within the recommended range. The pressure in the drilling is uniform and no intermittent pressure is allowed.

8. The operator concentrates on avoiding drilling and when it is found that there are abnormal phenomena such as jumping in the well, it should be analyzed in time and take measures.

9, various types of sealed bearing drill bit, hand turning the cone is more laborious, this is a normal situation, do not invade in the oil or hit with heavy objects.

10, all types of drills are generally not suitable for eye-catching, it is strictly prohibited to use high-speed squinting.

11. When using high drilling pressure, use low speed, and avoid using large values for drilling pressure and speed.

The inlaid tri-cone bit uses high-strength and high-toughness carbide teeth. The optimized number of teeth, the number of teeth, the tooth height and the shape of the alloy teeth make full use of the high wear resistance and excellent cutting ability of the insert bit. The new wear-resistant material is applied to the tooth surface of the steel tooth bit, which improves the life of the bit cutting teeth while maintaining the high mechanical drilling speed of the steel tooth bit.

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