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Rock Drill Precautions During Work
Sep 30, 2018

Rock Drill Precautions During Work

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1. When opening the hole, it should be rotated slowly. After the depth of the hole reaches 10-15mm, it will gradually turn into full operation. During the rock drilling process, the drill bit is designed to advance straight in the hole position and is located at the center of the hole.

2. The shaft thrust should be reasonably tested during rock drilling. The shaft thrust is too small, the machine produces rebound, the vibration increases, the rock drilling efficiency decreases; the shaft thrust is too large, the drill is close to the fundus, so that the machine runs under overload, easy to wear parts prematurely, and the rock drilling speed is slowed down. .

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3. When the rock drill is stuck, the shaft thrust should be reduced, and it can gradually become normal. If it is invalid, it should be stopped immediately. First use the wrench to slowly rotate the drill rod, and then open the medium air pressure to make the drill slowly rotate. It is forbidden to use the method of tapping the drill rod.

4, often observe the situation of powder discharge. When the powder is normal, the mud flows out smoothly along the orifice; on the contrary, it is necessary to blow the hole strongly. If it is still invalid, check the water hole and the tail state of the drill, check the water needle condition, and replace the damaged parts.

5, should pay attention to observe the oil reserves and oil, adjust the amount of oil. In the case of oil-free operation, it is easy to cause premature wear of the parts. When there is too much oil, it will cause pollution on the working surface.

6. Pay attention to the sound of the machine during operation, observe its operation, find problems, and deal with it in time.

7. Pay attention to the working condition of the solder, and replace it in time.

8. When operating the upward rock drill, pay attention to the air supply of the air leg to prevent the rock drill from swinging up and down and causing accidents. The support points of the air leg should be reliable. When holding the machine, you should not be too tight and you should not ride on the air leg to prevent injury.

9. Pay attention to the rock condition, avoid perforation along the bedding, joints and cracks. It is forbidden to kill the eyes and observe the danger of falling tops and pieces.

10. Use the opening function effectively. An important part of the drilling process is the opening, which is accomplished with reduced impact pressure and a fixed propulsion pressure. The propulsion pressure should be as small as possible to facilitate the opening of the rock face with very high inclination and also to avoid bending of the drill pipe.

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