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Safety precaution measures of drill grinding machine
Jun 28, 2018

1. Check the voltage and frequency of the motor before the power supply is the same.

2. The machine power plug, socket on the tentacles should be fastened reliable, no loose or bad contact.

3. When there is a malfunction or abnormal sound should immediately unplug, and then check

Check the repairs.

4. Do not allow the machine to operate in no one, must be in the boot, stop shipping Turn to leave.

The outside cut off the power, should press the red button, otherwise the machine tool will have no

People are in the condition of running.

5. Do not operate the machine while you are tired or take alcohol or anesthetic.

6. When the machine tool parts, accessories damage, please do not arbitrary substitution, should be the same performance of the corresponding parts, such as the use of the unit is the best.

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