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Stone Quarry Demolition Technology
Oct 05, 2018

Stone Quarry Demolition Technology

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The mining process of stone mines is as follows: mother rock separation → top turn → cutting → shaping → drag and drop → hoisting and transportation → clear slag, quarrying method will be applied to different degrees in the separation, cutting and shaping stage of the parent rock, as needed Choosing different quarrying methods or combining them can improve quarrying efficiency and reduce quarrying cost.

Different mining processes and methods have been formed due to different conditions such as deposit geology, stone types and mechanization degree of the mine. Stone mining has its own characteristics. Here, the main process of mining---the method of separating stone from the ore body is the main basis, and the mining methods of stone deposits are divided into five categories.

(1) Rock drilling and splitting mining method: The method of splitting ore body from the original rock by means of simple tools or machinery becomes splitting mining. There are two main methods: artificial splitting mining method; hydraulic splitting mining method.

(2) Rock drilling method: The method of separating the stone from the ore body by using the principle of controlled blasting and using different drugs and ignition methods. The biggest feature is that the stone material separated from the ore body does not produce explosion rupture gap, and the material yield rate is not reduced by blasting. There are four types of rock blasting mining methods: black powder explosive mining method; metal burning agent burst mining method; detonating cable burst mining method; static (silent) burst mining method.


(3) Mechanical sawing mining method: The main method is to use the sawing machine as the main body, supplemented by the mining method of other special mining machines. According to the type and technical performance of the sawing machine, sawing mining can be divided into the following four types: wire rope sawing machine mining method; diamond bead saw machine mining method; chain arm type sawing machine mining method; disc type sawing machine mining law.

(4) Jet mining method: The jet mining method is a mining method that uses heat or water to cut. It is a new technology that uses flame cutting machine or water jet cutting machine for mining. It can be divided into the following two methods: flame cutting mining method and high pressure water jet mining method.

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(5) Joint mining method: The combined operation of two or more mining methods is called joint mining. In the mining of stone deposits, there is less separation process using only one method, and the joint mining method is generally adopted. For the same ore body, the lithology of different sections is also different. Even in the same section, the mining method is different because of the different separation points. For example, a flame cutter can only be used for vertical cutting, and it cannot be used for horizontal separation and cutting. There are a variety of joint methods for joint mining, depending on the specific conditions of the mine. There are mainly the following methods: wire rope sawing machine combined with rock drilling and splitting; wire rope sawing machine combined with rock bursting; diamond bead saw and chain arm type sawing machine combined mining; flame cutting machine (such as water jet cutting machine) Combined mining with rock drilling and splitting.


Hydraulic splitter split rock is a new type of blasting demolition method. It is widely used to mine precious stone such as marble, granite and jade as well as demolish various concrete roads, foundations, bridges and port terminals. Split into wood, which is characterized by safety, speed and adjustable oil pressure. Its power is only 4 kW, the single-machine splitting force can reach 400-500T, and one machine can carry multiple guns. It can accurately determine the split direction, split shape and required size in advance. The splitting precision is high, and the splitting process can be completed in a few seconds. And can work continuously and without interruption, high efficiency, low operating and maintenance costs.


The splitter can operate controllably in a static hydraulic environment, independent of temperature and site constraints, without the need for time-consuming, complex and expensive safety measures like blasting machines and other impact blasting operations. When working, there will be no vibration, shock, noise, dust, flying debris, etc., and the surrounding environment will not be affected. Even in densely populated areas or indoors, as well as precision equipment, it can work without interference. The hydraulic splitting machine has doubled the rate of finished products, and has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, economy, precision and flexibility. It is an ideal product that can replace the explosive and manual disintegration of the small area of rock secondary decomposition.


The hydraulic splitter is light in weight and weighs only 20kg. It is easy to move. The whole set of equipment can be used by one operator alone. The employees can operate independently after a short training period. The splitter is best suited for the separation of hard brittle rocks and is especially suitable for granite. The splitter is extremely rugged and durable, requires almost no maintenance, has a long service life and high work efficiency; the power is only 2-5.6 kW, the splitting operation is completed in a few seconds, energy saving and low cost of use; diesel, gasoline and compressed air can be used as drives. Power, suitable for more complex environments. The equipment can replace the original heavy labor, blasting and chopping, avoiding the damage of the blasting to the blocks, improving the block rate and the quality of the block, reducing the labor intensity of the workers, and greatly improving the labor productivity of the mine.


Whether the mining method is correct or not will determine whether the mine production can proceed smoothly and the production cost is high, which directly affects the quality of the blocks and the economic benefits of the mine. The mining method should be based on the geological conditions of the deposit, the specifications of the blocks, the variety, the scale of mining, and the natural conditions.

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