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storage of Down-The-Hole Drilling Tools
Jul 31, 2018

storage of Down-The-Hole Drilling Tools

Drill Pipe Preservation

First, blow up, clean the water inside the drill pipe, and open the solder tail lubrication device. In principle, it is better to see the tail lubricant at the bottom of the drill pipe.

Second, the outside of the drill pipe, including the threaded portion, and the main body of the drill pipe, must be wiped clean. At the same time, the male and female joint parts should be covered with rubber cover (as shown below) to prevent the entry of pollutants. The rubber cover is small and cheap, but it can greatly reduce the impactor failure caused by pollution.


Save and re-enable the impactor

For short-term storage, follow these steps:

First, blowing, removing the moisture in the impactor;

Second, fill 1 liter of tailings from the upper joint;

Third, open the wind and blow for about 10 seconds, so that the internal parts of the impactor can be fully lubricated;

Fourth, as with the drill pipe, the upper and lower joints are respectively covered with a rubber cover;

Fifth, place the impactor horizontally in a dry environment.

Long-term Preservation, Slightly Different


First, blowing, removing the moisture in the impactor;

Second, loosen the upper and lower joints and disassemble the impactor;

Third, check and wipe all internal parts, preferably in a clean room;

Fourth, moderately lubricate all parts with a suitable lubricant;

Fifth, assemble the impactor and cover the upper and lower joints with a rubber cover;

Sixth, place the impactor horizontally in a dry environment.

Re-enabling the impactor requires the following three steps

First, disassemble the impactor and inspect all internal parts. If some parts are found to be oxidized, it is necessary to sand the oxidized part moderately.

If it is used directly without testing, it is likely to cause premature failure of the impactor.

Second, clean the parts, wipe them clean, and lubricate them.

Third, the cleaned and lubricated parts are assembled into an impactor and put into use.

Some rig users will find that the same site, the machine is almost the same, how much more profit than others in the year. Xiao Bian believes that the most likely reason is in the management of equipment and personnel. The management and maintenance of the equipment is fine, which can naturally save a lot of cost.

Many users will record the loss of the drill, such as a shocker used for several months and so on. In today's depressed market and fierce competition, the price of rock rice drilling continues to decline. Xiaobian suggested that our users of DTH drilling rigs can try to use maintenance and maintenance. For example, use and save the drilling tools according to our recommended method. Proper maintenance and lubrication as required, try to see if the life of the drill can be longer than before, saving you more money.

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