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Type of DTH hammer
Nov 12, 2018

Type of  DTH hammer

Type of DTH hammer

The air DTH hammer is a pneumatic impact tool that uses compressed air as its power. The impact frequency of the impact energy generated by it can be directly transmitted to the drill bit, and then driven by the slewing of the drill and the drill pipe to form a pulsation of the rock.

The crushing ability, while using the compressed air removed by the impactor, cools the drill bit and removes the broken rock particles from the outside, thereby achieving the purpose of the bottom bottom impact rotary drilling. Therefore, the structure and nature of the DTH Hammer. 

DTH Hammer

Can be the focus of wind-driven drilling.

Type of DTH Hammer

1. According to the gas distribution mode and structural characteristics of the impactor, it can be divided into two types: bottomed valve and bottomless valve.

1. Bottom valve DTH Hammer, the characteristics of this series of impactors are controlled by the valve plate of the gas distribution structure. According to the exhaust method, it can be divided into two types: side exhaust and center exhaust. The side exhaust impactor is the earliest used because the gas in the cylinder is discharged from both sides of the drill. The central exhaust impactor discharges the gas in the cylinder through the center of the drill bit. The impactor has a good powder discharge effect and a long service life of the drill. Drilling efficiency is high. It is more suitable for the conditions and requirements of DTH drilling than the side DTH Hammer.

2. There is no bottom valve DTH Hammmer.  This type of impactor has no valve. The gas distribution system for controlling the reciprocating movement of the piston is arranged on the cylinder wall, and automatically matches the gas when the piston moves. Since such an impactor does not use a valve valve, it is called a valveless impactor. The working pressure of this type of impactor is lower than that of the valve type, and the DTH Hammer produced under the same working pressure is larger.

2, according to the rated working pressure of the impactor, can be divided into low pressure impactor and medium and high wind pressure DTH Hammer. 

1. Low-pressure impactor generally refers to its rated working pressure of 0.5-0.7Mpa, CIR series and COP series.

2. Medium and high wind pressure impactor refers to impactors with working pressure above 0.7Mpa, such as BR series. The working pressure is 0.7Mpa-1.2Mpa for the stroke impactor, and the 1.2Mpa for the high pressure impactor, such as DHD series, QL series, SD series, Mission series, NUMA series.

3, According to the impact of the drill inlet diameter can be divided into small diameter DTH Hammer and percussion DTH Hammer. 

1. The impactor with a hole diameter below 200mm is a small-diameter DTH Hammer, such as CIR90, CIR110, CIR150, CIR170 and other series.

2. The impactor with a hole diameter greater than 200mm is called a large-diameter DTH Hammer, such as DHD, SP, SD, QL and other series.

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