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Use and maintenance of DTH Hammer
Aug 01, 2018

Use and maintenance of DTH Hammer

The same DTH Hammer, some customers hit a normal rock with a DTH Hammer, can hit four or five kilometers; and some customers will be scrapped when they hit 2000 meters, and began to scream at the supplier, "Your DTH Hammer is not good, not easy to use !" Some customers even ask for a return.


DTH Hammers, like vehicles, require proper use and maintenance. The maintenance of the vehicle is good. It can be opened for 400,000 kilometers. No vehicle can be used for 10,000 kilometers.

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1. Do not take care, do not follow the usual operation, huh, have you considered the experience of the DTHDTH Hammer?


So their own sloppy and management problems caused the life of the DTH Hammer to be too short.

It is possible that a small number of users have God's thoughts, and anyway, they use the bad to find suppliers to pay.


For the users themselves, it wastes time, delays the construction period, and increases the cost.


2. Your credit will be reduced in the eyes of suppliers. Once the credit is overdrawn, it will not be easy to find a good supplier. In this way, it will really be worth the loss. It can be seen that the correct use and maintenance of the DTHDTH Hammer is more meaningful.


Guide the user to use it correctly, we also have the responsibility, then what should the DTH Hammer pay attention to? Let me say a few points.



One. When making holes, try to use a small amount of air and propulsion to allow the drill bit to smoothly enter the rock formation, which can reduce the impact of the DTH Hammer on the piston.

Two. Because the DTH Hammer's joint and the joint are right-handed threads, the right-hand swing of the DTH Hammer should always be kept during the drilling process, and the stuck drill should not be dry


Three. It is important to match the propulsion force and the weight of the drill. The thrust of the thruster must change with the weight of the drill. Remember that the small DTH Hammer does not have a large thrust to avoid the piston or the drill bit breaking on the spot.


Four. The impact speed of the DTH Hammer is usually 15-25 rpm. The faster the rotation speed, the faster the rock drilling speed, but in hard rock, the rotation speed should be reduced to ensure that the drill bit is not excessively worn. At this point, the operator should observe the drilling situation in time, and remember to avoid smoking and chatting.

Fives. During the cutting process, since the stones, sand grains and rock layer cracks may cause stuck drilling, it is important to use a strong DTH Hammer to clean the bottom of the hole regularly. Do not slam the card drill to avoid dropping the front joint and the drill bit into the hole.

 Six. During the post process, sand and iron filings will fall into the DTH Hammer, so the ends of the loose drill pipe must be covered to ensure that the drill pipe does not stick to sand and dust.


Seven. Reasonable lubrication of the DTH Hammer must not be ignored, check the lubricant in time, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and even scrap of the DTH Hammer!


Eight. Replacement of the outer cylinder, although not recommended, but a small number of customers are still willing to do so, then please all parts, cleaned with a container of diesel, remember not to hammer the hammer.





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