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Valve DTH Hammer and Valveless DTH Hammer
Aug 16, 2018

Valve DTH Hammer and Valveless DTH Hammer

DTH Hammer With Foot Valve.jpg

The valve reversal of a valve impeller is related to the exhaust pressure of the cylinder. Only when the exhaust port is opened and the pressure in the cylinder drops to a certain value, the valve is reversed. Therefore, from the time when the piston opens the exhaust port until the valve is reversed, the compressed air is exhausted from the exhaust port, and the energy of the compressed air is not utilized.

DTH Hammer Without Foot Valve.jpg

       The valveless impactor utilizes the expansion of the compressed air to push the piston. The energy consumption is reduced, the gas consumption is about 30% lower than that of the valve impactor, and the impact frequency and the large impact energy are high. However, the main parts of the valveless impactor have higher precision requirements and the machining process is more complicated.

Its main features are as follows:

1. The drill bit does not require a nylon tube.Therefore, the trouble caused by the breakage, breakage, and thermal expansion and contraction of the nylon tube is eliminated.

2. Low impact energy loss and high impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15%-30% faster than the same type of nylon tube impactor.

3. The structure is very simple and the components are reliable. The impactor has a long service life, simple maintenance and low cost.

4. Low air consumption, saving wind and fuel. Compared with the same type, the nylon tube impactor saves more than 10% of fuel.

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