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What is a Casing Tube?
Jan 30, 2019
Casing Tube

Waterproof bushing is also called wall through bushing, through wall tube. Flexible waterproof bushing is generally suitable for pipes with vibration or watertight requirements through the wall. After finishing the casing part, the primer is painted on the outside wall (primer including camphor or cold base oil). Waterproof sleeve is divided into rigid waterproof sleeve and flexible waterproof sleeve. The two are mainly used in different places. Flexible waterproof sleeve is mainly used in places with high requirements, such as civil defence walls, pools and so on. Rigid waterproof sleeve is generally used in the position where pipelines such as basements need to be passed through. Chinese style

Flexible waterproof sleeve is a kind of hardware pipe fittings suitable for structures with vibration or strict waterproof requirements where pipelines pass through walls. Generally, the production enterprises are manufactured according to S312 and 02S404 standard atlas developed by the Academy of Architectural Sciences. Flexible waterproof sleeve should be replaced by concrete wall if it is not concrete, and the sleeve must be solidified in the wall at one time. Flexible waterproof sleeve is widely used in construction, chemical industry, steel, tap water, sewage treatment and other units. Rigid waterproofing sleeve is steel pipe external wing ring (steel plate annular sleeve on steel pipe), installed in the wall (mostly concrete wall), for the general pipeline through the wall, conducive to wall waterproofing, and flexible waterproofing sleeve in addition to the external wing ring, there are also gear rings and so on, inside the flange wires, sold in sets, can also be processed by oneself, for pipelines that need shock absorption, such as. When the pipe connected with the pump goes through the wall. Chinese style

Whether flexible waterproof sleeve or rigid waterproof sleeve are hardware fittings for pipelines to pass through the walls of buildings subject to vibration or strict waterproof requirements. They are often used in construction, chemical industry, steel, tap water, sewage treatment and other units.

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