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What is a drill
Feb 14, 2019
YT28 Air Leg Rock Drill.jpg

Rock drills are tools used to directly mine stone. It drills blastholes on the rock formations to place explosives to blast the rocks to complete the mining of stone or other stonework. In addition, the rock drill can also be used as a breaker to break down hard layers such as concrete. Rock drills can be divided into four categories according to their power sources: pneumatic rock drills, internal combustion rock drills, electric rock drills and hydraulic rock drills.

The rock drill works according to the principle of impact crushing. During operation, the piston performs high-frequency reciprocating motion and continuously impacts the shank. Under the action of the impact force, the wedge-shaped drill head crushes the rock and cuts it into a certain depth to form a dent. After the piston is retracted, the drill turns a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and when the hammer tail is impacted again, a new dent is formed. The fan-shaped rock between the two dimples is shredded by the horizontal component generated by the bit. The piston continuously impacts the shank and continuously inputs compressed air or pressurized water from the center hole of the drill to discharge the slag out of the hole, thereby forming a circular drill hole of a certain depth.

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