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What is a Integral Drill Steel
Jan 25, 2019
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The integral drill is used as a component under constant pressure. The drill rod is continuously worn every time it is put into use. The horizontal directional drilling tool can withstand extreme stress, but careless use can cause malfunction, and proper care ensures the longest equipment. Service life.

    The pressure on the drill rod rotates at a speed of 100-300 rpm and is forced through the ground at an angle. The bending action exerted by constant rotation increases the fatigue stress of the drill string, causing the rod to be stretched at its joint point. When pushing to the maximum, drill holes, do not push the drill rod through a serious curve, if you need to make a compact curve or ease in a compact corner, it is best to drill holes midway, extract equipment from the hole, and then vice versa The angle is close, which reduces the burden on the directional drilling tool.

    Too fast steering may exert excessive thrust, which easily exceeds the directional drilling tool. The strength of the drill rod is not enough to withstand the thrust of the rig. Harder materials encountered at full speed drilling may cause equipment damage. Do not increase the fluid pressure or rotational speed, pay attention to the resistance changes of equipment and hydraulic pressure gauges. When the drill rod is not properly twisted, when it is not working as it should, the torque will be maximized through the joint after the thread is tightened.

    When the drill rod is assembled and disassembled, the threads on the pipe end experience wear and the ends of the pipe are not aligned, which may cause excessive wear over time and may even cause thread wear. This can result in a loss of torsional strength and may completely strip the threads. Avoid mixing new drill rods with old drill rods. Mixing them together can cause premature wear of new pipes and difficult to tighten properly.

    Each drill rod is frequently inspected, lubricated, and replaced as needed in all drill strings. The rig correctly twists the drill rod. If it is absolutely necessary to mix the old pipe with the new pipe, keep the old and new pipes as much as possible. This will reduce the fit of the old and new threads. When connecting the first pipe, it is easy to continuously reuse the bottom pipe, periodically. Exchange the pipe to prevent damage caused by failure.

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