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Why Your DTH Drilling Tools are Inefficient
Aug 13, 2018

DTH Hammer With Foot Valve.jpg

It is usually said that the DTH Hammer is inefficient, what is going on?

Of course, there are many reasons, and this requires step-by-step analysis and elimination.

Is there any problem with the supply of helium gas source, check whether the air compressor is working normally, whether the pressure is reached, and check whether the air duct leaks seriously.

❷ Check that the tail pipe of the DTH drill bit is in good condition and conform to the standard diameter. Φ34.5mm~Φ35mm, length 55~58mm, some tailpipes will be bent or broken during the impact process.

❸ Check the outer cylinder wall of the DTH Hammer for serious wear. If the cylinder wall is too thin, replace it immediately.

❹ Check if there is any stagnation between the front joint of the DTH Hammer and the drill bit. Remove the front joint and the drill bit and try it separately.

❺ Check the internal parts of the DTH Hammer for pulling hair. Remove the brushed parts, remove the burrs with oil stone and sandpaper, and clean them before installation.

Of course, internal parts are strained and are mainly checked from the following two aspects:

(1) Check whether the lubricating oil meets the requirements for use and replace the high-quality rock drilling machine oil.

(2) Whether the oil supply amount of the DTH Hammer lubricating oil reaches the dosage requirement in the lubricating oil dosage meter, and the oil supply amount is adjusted to meet the requirements.

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