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Working principle of rock drilling machine
Jun 28, 2018

Rock drills work according to the principle of impact crushing. When working, the piston does high-frequency reciprocating movement, continuously impacting the brazing end. Under the action of impact force, the wedge-shaped brazing head crushes the rock and drills into a certain depth to form a dent. When the piston returns, the brazing rod turns over a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and again blows the brazing end, and a new dent is formed. The fan-shaped block between the two dents is sheared by the horizontal force produced on the brazing head. The piston continuously blows the brazing end and enters the compressed air or pressure water from the center hole of the brazing rod continuously, and the rock slag is discharged from the hole, that is, a circular borehole with a certain depth.

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