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YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill
Jul 26, 2018


YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill

Product Description

The internal combustion rock drill is widely used in rock tunneling and drilling blastholes in various rock drilling operations. It is an important tool in stone works such as mines, railways, transportation and water conservancy construction. The machine is easy to operate, high in efficiency, and achieves the first-class level of similar products, and can be completely interchanged with international similar parts.


1. Hand-held internal combustion rock drill is a hand-held rock drilling tool composed of a small gasoline engine, a compressor and a rock drill.

2. During operation, the rock powder in the blasthole is blown by the compressed air generated by itself.

3. The weight of the main machine is only 30KG, which is convenient to carry. It is suitable for areas with high mountains, no power supply and no wind pressure equipment. Temporary works with large fluidity are especially suitable.

4. Cut holes in the rock, which can be vertically downward, horizontal and upward less than 45°. The deepest deep hole depth is up to 6m.


Product Usage

1. The internal combustion rock drill is suitable for rock drilling. If a few parts are replaced, it can be changed into a crusher and a compacting machine for various crushing, shovel, excavation, splitting and tamping.

2, whether in the mountains, flat land; whether in the hot heat of +40 ° C or the cold region of -40 ° C, can work. This machine has a wide range of adaptability.

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