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Classification Of Hydrodynamic DTH Hammer
Jun 28, 2018

(1) Positive action: The return movement of the valve and the hammer depends on the respective spring, while the stroke relies on the water hammer driving hammer downward to generate impact energy.

(2) Reaction type: Use the pressure of the flushing liquid to push the upward compression of the hammer work Spring storage energy, when the valve opened, liquid flow unblocked pressure reduction, work Spring release storage energy driving hammer downward impact.

(3) Double acting: The return of the hammer and stroke movement are driven by the pressure of the flushing fluid, which produces impact energy when the hammer downward.

(4) Compound action type: synthesizes the above three kinds of function form any two kinds of research and development product. (5) Hollow through type: With the gas lift, hydraulic Center reverse Circulation drilling Research and development, it and ordinary hydraulic hammer is the difference lies along its axis from top to under has a through cylindrical hole, in the drilling of the reverse circulation of continuous conveying core (sample) channel.

Therefore, all parts of the heart are connected, such as the counter valve, cylinder, piston and drill, etc. are tubular. (6) Derivative products combined with other technologies (such as rope-seeking heart type, liquid-gas dual-use type, etc.).

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