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Development Trend Of Hydrodynamic DTH Hammer
Jun 28, 2018

Hydraulic Hammer drilling has proven to be an advanced drilling technique to deal with hard and complex rock formations through several developments and practices.

A variety of hydraulic hammer has formed a new type of hole-bottom machine, and will be more in-depth and higher level of development. First of all, with the development of high technology and electronic technology, the theoretical research level of impact rotary drilling will have a great breakthrough, the expressions of the mechanical properties of the hammer and the moving parts of the hydraulic hammer with different structure types will be improved and enriched, and the structure and parameter design of the hydraulic hammer will be further simplified, optimized and scientific by computer simulation.

The test method for the performance parameters of hydraulic hammer will be more accurate, intuitive and intelligent, and the new advanced specialized sensor and the popular high-speed photographic test technology will be applied. In order to meet the challenge of market environment, the variety and model of hydraulic hammer will be suitably reduced and further optimized and widely realized in batch scale manufacturing.

And will be due to the impact of the increase in its processing accuracy, material selection, heat treatment, such as anti-corrosion treatment, and reference to the wind-driven DTH hammer-related technology, or more than the level of the wind-driven DTH hammer. The hydraulic hammer will develop to multi-function and wide-use direction. While maintaining the core drilling and hydrological well drilling applications, the focus will be on the development of oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling, which is determined by the demand for water, oil, gas and other resources in accordance with national economic and environmental sustainable development strategies.

The development of hydraulic hammer drilling technology will have a broad market prospect, which mainly should solve the problems such as the life of the vulnerable parts, the adaptability of flushing fluid, the deep hole back pressure, the stability and reliability of the performance of the well, and the matching of the hydraulic hammer and the roller bit. The research on the drilling system of the core hydraulic hammer, which integrates with the turbo-drilling or screw drill and the long life bit or not the drilling and changing bit, will play an active role in the scientific deep drilling construction.

The technology of penetrating hydraulic hammer and double wall drilling tool is developed to improve the quality of rock samples and the drilling efficiency of hard rock. The development of a closed-loop hydrodynamic hammer driven by high-pressure oil or other washing medium may be an important part of a new generation of products. If the hydraulic tamping pipe hammer is used in the construction of non well digging underground pipeline, the efficiency will be higher than that of pneumatic tamping pipe Hammer, and the performance is easy to adjust and the noise is low.

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