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Hydraulic Type Rock Drill
Jun 28, 2018

Hydraulic pressure depends on the hydraulic pressure through the inert gas and impact body impact Gangqian, Chisel hit the rock. The impact mechanism of these rock drilling machines is forced to rotate the angle of the Gangqian by the rotary mechanism, so that the brazing head changes position and continues to chisel the rock. Through the diesel fuel explosion force to drive the piston impact Gangqian, so constantly impact and rotation, and the use of exhaust powder mechanism to discharge cuttings, you can chisel into the hole. As one of the important engineering equipments, hydraulic Rock drill is indispensable in engineering construction in the fields of mining, highway and construction. However, in the continuous development of rock drill industry, the domestic production of hydraulic rock drilling machine is still in low efficiency, part of the structure and parts of the service life is short, the work process without vibration devices and caused by vibration, energy transfer efficiency of the shortcomings increasingly appear.

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