• T45 Button Bit for Bench Drilling

    T45 button bits are made of alloy steels and the best carbides, we produce all threaded button bits by hot press technology.
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  • Extension Drill Rod for Bench Drilling

    GMD extension drill rod is for Top Hammer Production Drilling in mining, tunneling, Bench Drilling, drifting, long-hole drilling, construction and quarry work.
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  • Shank Adapter

    Shank adapter we also called it striking bars, shank rod or Shank adaptor. Its function is to transmit impact energy from the rock-drill piston, as well as rotation torque, into the drill string...
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  • High Air Pressure DTH Hammer without Foot Valve

    DTH Hammer with Foot Valve type is the most popular type High Air Pressure DTH Hammer. It is widely used in well drilling, pile foundation, and engineering project. GMD has rich experience in...
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  • High Range Expansive Mortar

    High Range Expansive Mortar (HSCA, also called Static Cracking Agent) is a soundless and safe demolition agent which is quite different from ordinary demolition agents such as explosives and...
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  • Hydraulic Rock Splitter for Concrete Demolition

    Hydraulic Rock Splitter can split the object within seconds and keep working constantly. Its working efficiency is 5 times than that of breaker hammers. The consumption is only 1/10 of it. It...
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