Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer

The internal combustion rock drill type Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer, we usually called it YN27C, is a very efficient hand held drill machine built up with gasoline engine, air pump, rock drill and the rotation plum bum equipment for running or stop. It can be used for breaking, percussive drilling, tamping besides rock....

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The Internal Combustion Rock Drill Type Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer is a portable rock drilling tool, composed of a small petrol engine, an air compressor and a rock drill.      

During operation, rock powder is blown away by the compressed air produced by the machine itself.       

The machine is a portable machine. It is also can use with supporting stand. Drilling hole diameter φ 28mm - φ42mm. when turning vertically downward. it can drill to the depth of 6m.        

It is easy to be carried along. It is suited to work on high mountains,  plains, hot and cold area with no power and no water supply and air compressing equipment. and especially suits the projects that the machine has to be carried at any time and any area. 


Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer Applications

Available for drilling, splitting breaking, ramming, shovelling. And widely used in mining,road-construction, quarrying and national defense construction


Weight of main machine


Overall dimensions(L*W*H)


Cylinder diameter*stroke of piston


Rotation speed of engine


Displacement of engine piston


Type of carburetor

hand needle   valve, floatless type

Ignition system

controllable   silicon, contactless system

Drilling speed (mean value of five   holes)


Drilling hole diameter


Max drilling depth


Fuel consumption


Tank capacity


Drill rod and breaker shank


Rotating speed of drill rod


Clearance of spark plug




 Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer Detailed Picture



Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer Spare Parts

Spare Parts-2

   Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer Spare Parts

   Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer Spare Parts-2

   Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer Spare Parts-4


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Pionjar 120 Jack Hammer

YN27C Internal-Combustion Rock Drill Machine /Hand Rock Drill


Internal-Combustion Rock Drill

Hand Rock Drill

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