Tapered Button Bits

Tapered Button Bits are widely applied in small-hole drilling, such as stone quarrying, mining, tunnel work and construction. It is for drilling medium-hard to hard and abrasive rock formations...

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Tapered Button Bit  Tapered Button Bit-2


● Increased penetration rate

● Longer service life

● Lower drilling costs

● Made from steel and tungsten carbide as same grade as internationally well-known brand

● Extensive selection of button and cross-type bits

GMD could supply various cutting structures design configurations, include chisel bits, button bits and cross bits, for an extensive and diverse selection.

Taper Bit could be used for air leg rock drill and all hand-held jack hammer drilling needs.(Such as Y24, Y26, YT28 ), it is widely applied in quarrying, mining, tunnel work and construction. GMD provides quality tools that withstand the toughest rock drilling demands.

1.With carbide buttons hot pressed on bits bodies, Tapered Button Bits have a very good drilling performance and long life time. Different diameters and taper degrees are available to suit different applications in mining, quarrying etc. We can supply long skirt and short skirt Tapered Button Bits.

2.Comparing with tapered chisel bits and tapered cross bits, button bits has higher technology, much longer primary drilling time and higher drilling efficiency, so that the button bit is popular among the users.

Tapered Button BitsDiameter (mm)Button(mm)

Flushing holes


Description : 
(1)Connect shank Size: 22mm*108mm, 25mm*108mm
(2)Bit Diameter: Range from 20 to 45mm 
(3)Standard Taper: 6 degree, 7 degree, 11 degree, 12 degree.

(4)  Material︰Alloy Steel Bar 45CrNiMoV, Tungsten Carbide Tips YK05 or T6. 

Remarks: Other specifications are available according to customers' requirements

Tapered Button Bits Production:

Tapered Button Bit-5  Tapered Button Bit-7

Tapered Button Bits Packing Picture

Tapered Button Bit-8

Tapered Button Bit-9



Tapered Button Bits are used in Stone Quarry Drilling

Tapered Button Bit-10

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