Tapered Hexagonal Drill Rod

Tapered Drill Rod, also called Tapered Drill Steel, is mainly applied in small-hole drilling, such as stone quarrying, foundation drilling, tunneling, underground mining, road cutting, and trenching. It is for drilling medium-hard to hard and abrasive rock formations....

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There are two standard steel hex diameters - 22mm or 25mm. And Our tapered bit and rods come in a variety of taper angles(6 degree, 7 degree, 11 degree, 12 degree)

GMD tapered rods are available with high-frequency or fully carburized heat treatments.

Tapered drill Rod



Tapered Drill Rod 

H22*108 MM

 H25*108 MM



Tapered drill Rod-2

Tapered drill Rod-3 

Taper Angle:6°,7°,11°,12°                   

Socket Diameter:H19,H22,H25 MM

Shank Dimension:83,108,159 MM



1,Apply Boring Method processing as same as internationally well-known brand

2,Entire heat-treatment ensuring the excellent quality

3,Accurate dimension of taper degree perfectly matches the bit

4,Very cost-effective


Why There are many different Taper?

Different taper angles are used for different rock formations and rock drills. A wide taper angle is normally used when drilling with high impact hydraulic rock drills in medium hard to hard and abrasive rock formations. Taper angles of 11°and 12° are common on modern rigs. 

A narrow taper angle of 7°is used for low impact rock drills and softer rock formations. This angle can also be used if you have spinning problems when using 11° or 12° equipment.

In addition, a 4°46' angle is ideal for soft rock when you’re using pneumatic or hydraulic drill rigs – to prevent bits from spinning or becoming detached.

Tapered Drill Rod-3


Tapered Drill Rod Packing Pictures

Tapered Drill Rod-3

Tapered Drill Rod-5


Tapered Drill Rod Production

Tapered Drill Rod-6


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