High Range Soundless Cracking Agent

High Range Soundless Cracking Agent (HSCA, also called Static Cracking Agent) is a powdery inorganic material with high expansion character. It is mixed with water will turn into a pulpous state, and after being filled into the drill holes for a moment, it can crack the concrete constructions and rocks without vibration, noise and toxic gases....

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HSCA (High Range Soundless Cracking Agent) applies to the exploitation cutting of precious stones like granite, marble, jade, excavation crashing of massif rocks and groundwork, crashing dismantling of concrete structures. and the outline trimming of concrete structure without damage to the structure.




 The Advantage

1, Cutting blocks of Marble and Granite more economically and cost-effectively than traditional  Wire-sawing way. 

2, Easily split and fracture mass rock to isolated small blocks that can be more easily   demolished or cut. 

3, It can be used to process blocks from Marble and Granite. 

4, It can achieve maximum  production time, output and efficiency in quarrying and mining in safe condition.

5, Labors can be more productive and cost-effective.

6, It is ideal for mining of emeralds and other precious stones.

7.The shape of blocks in quarry can be controllable. 8.Its  application to concrete demolition does not cause any damage to the environment.


Three Types:

There are three types of HSCA(High Range Soundless Cracking Agent), HSCA-1, HSCA-2, HSCA-3,  which applies respectively to different seasons of Summer, Spring /Autumn, Winter

Three Types



HSCA( High Range Soundless Cracking Agent) Application Scope

HSCA can be applied to various situations: 

1, Granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite quarrying and cutting 

2, Rocks pre-splitting, fracture, cutting, demolishing and removal 

3, Concrete structures emolition and rocks removal when explosion not allowed 

4, Fracture  and demolition of the concrete buildings and structures 

5, Rocks cutting for road construction


How To Use HSCA( High Range Soundless Cracking Agent 

Only Four Steps for Cracking




HSCA(High Range Soundless Cracking Agent) Packed with Pallet



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