R25 Tunneling Thread Button Bit

R25 Tunneling Thread Button Bits are made by high quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbides. Through heat treatment, our drilling tools are tough enough to meet rock drilling demands and have the least loss of energy while drilling the rocks. GMD could supply all threaded button bits by hot press technology....

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GMD rock tools for top hammer drilling are designed to transmit intensive impact energy into the rock with the least possible loss of energy. The result is good rock breakage, high penetration rates and high productivity. This, together with optimal hole quality, great reliability and long service life, gives the best possible blasting results, outstanding drill-steel economy and low total cost.

Our products are produced from premium steels and fitted with tips with high quality tungsten carbide. It could ensure maximum service life and impact strength.

Suitable for powerful percussive drills and top hammers with high speed drifter, such as Atlas Copco 282 rocket boomer, Atlas Copco 352 rocket boomer jumbo, Atlas Copco D7roc, Furukawa HCR 1200, Tamrock, and Ingesoll Rand ECM660.

A comprehensive range of various button bits shown as below:

Thread type: R25

Head diameters: 33mm ~ 76mm

Face designs; flat face,

Material: 45CrNiMoV or 42CrMo

Carbide shape: Dome, Ballistic , Semi-Ballistic,

Skirt designs: Standard

Application: Drifting and Tunneling

R25 Threaded Drill Bits for Drifting and Tunneling
NameCode No.ThreadDiameterGaugeFrontSkirt DesignWeight
Threaded Button BitsQ7-33R25R25335*7mm2*7mmStandard0.33 KGS
Q7-35R25R25355*8mm2*7mmStandard0.44 KGS
Q7-38R25R25385*9mm2*7mmStandard0.56 KGS
Q7-41R25R25415*8mm2*9mmStandard0.61 KGS
Q7-43R25R25435*9.5mm2*8mmStandard0.63 KGS
Q7-45R25R25455*10mm2*9mmStandard0.78 KGS
Q7-48R25R25485*11mm2*8mmStandard0.82 KGS
Q7-51R25R25515*11mm2*10mmStandard0.88 KGS
Q9-45R25R25456*9mm3*8mmStandard0.78 KGS
Q9-48R25R25486*9mm3*9mmStandard0.89 KGS
Q9-51R25R25516*10mm3*9.5mmStandard1.0 KGS
Q9-57R25R25576*10mm3*10mmStandard1.31 KGS
Threaded Cross BitsCB-35-R25R25358*14mm
Standard0.38 KGS
Standard0.48 KGS
Standard0.59 KGS
Standard0.79 KGS
Standard0.92 KGS
Standard0.97 KGS
Standard1.09 KGS


Special sizes may   be available upon request.

How to order?
Button Bit: Diameter + Thread + Skirt Shape + Face Design + Insert Configuration

N--R25 Button Bit

Choosing The Right Carbide

The larger the volume of the Carbide, the more aggressive the Bit. The more aggressive Carbides assist movement of the chips away from the face as there is more room for airflow on the face of the Bit. These more aggressive Bits help to break out larger chips, which increases the penetration rate. The greater volume of Carbide can lead to longer Bit life.

Button Shape




Spherical Carbides for use in medium to hard rock, with fractured or seamy applications.



Semi-ballistic shaped, more aggressive than the Spherical Carbides, for soft to medium consistent rock.



Bullet shaped, very aggressive fast penetration in soft to medium consistent rock.

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