Full Bridge Thread Coupling Sleeves

Thread Coupling Sleeves is widely used for extension rod and drill bits connection. GMD could supply Full Thread type Coupling, such as R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, R28-R32, R28-R38, R32-T38, R32-R38, R25-R32, R32-T45....

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GMD could provide coupling sleeves are available with both half-bridge and Full Bridge Thread Coupling Sleeves, as well as adapter couplings. Semi-bridge coupling is the most popular type. Most rope and HM threaded (“T” Thread) couplings are semi-bridged.

Semi-bridge couplings are most suited to high torque machines.

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Future of Full Bridge Thread Coupling Sleeves


Eliminates the potential for the coupling to creep along the threaded joints

• Typically used in surface applications

• Better uncoupling characteristics and tends to maintain tighter joints

• Less chance of jamming

• Best suited to machines equipped with independent rotation (S36IR rock drill)

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Full Bridge

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