Extension Drill Rod for Bench Drilling

GMD extension drill rod is for Top Hammer Production Drilling in mining, tunneling, Bench Drilling, drifting, long-hole drilling, construction and quarry work....

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Two ends threads can be used for connecting couplings, shanks, couplings or bits. Typically two ends of extension rods are male-male(MM Rod), while sometime one end is male and another one is female (we call it M/F rod).  


Thread Type:

For extension drill rod, there are R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, ST58, GT60 threads, and different 

lengths of rods are available from 600mm to 6400mm.

Extension Rod



Feature Of The Extension Drill Rod MF Rod: 

Drill rod using thread system. Drilling precision can be further improved by using this as the first rod in a normal drill string. Furthermore, since this is a speed rod design it will produce straighter holes and at least 10% higher penetration rate in good rock conditions compared to rod and coupling sleeve combination system.

Widely used in drifting, tunneling, benching, and long hole drilling

High strength chromium-molybdenum steel with high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance


MM Round Rod

P.S.: RD means Round Type Drill Rod.


Male Thread and Female Tread

Thread Type


MF Extension Drill Rod (Speed Rod)

Extension ROD-MF-1

 Carburization and Heat Treatment

All Our extension drill rods are fully carburized with an advanced Bench Drilling heat treatment, combinated with phosphorization.




Packing Picture




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Extension Drilling Rod for Bench Drilling

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Speed Rod

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